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When a legal problem relating to construction arises, you need the help of an experienced construction attorney.  Morris & Stone provides exceptional legal representation to contractors, businesses and individuals on matters related to construction.  Our attorneys bring creative solutions to all construction disputes, including Breach of Contract claims, Payment and Collection matters, and Construction Defect and Land Subsidence issues, to name a few.

We develop long term relationships with our clients, offering top legal representation.  We utilize cutting-edge techniques that allow us to represent clients in constuction matters with great efficiency.  To understand how, see our phiosophy page.  Our clients include residential and commercial real estate developers, homeowners associations (HOAs), general contractors, suppliers, investors, and property owners.

We are a construction law, real estate law, and business litigation law firm, and efficiently solving your legal disputes is our primary goal. The attorneys at Morris & Stone are committed to being the most effective law firm in Southern California.  Although every case is unique, we have an impressive success rate, and no judgment obtained by Morris & Stone has ever been reversed.

Skilled California Construction Disputes Lawyers

Our construction lawyers recognize that construction disputes can quickly escalate if not handled properly.  Our lawyers can go toe-to-toe in any courtroom battle, but we can often avoid that path through skilled negotiation.  We handle all aspects of construction disputes from negotiation, arbitration, and mediation to litigation and appeal.  Our firm has many years of experience handling a wide range of construction related disputes

Our Construction Attorneys focus their legal practice in the following areas of construction law:

  • Construction Related Disputes
  • Construction Claims or Requests for Equitable Adjustments
  • Land Subsidence
  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Mechanic's Liens
  • Stop Notices
  • Payment & Collection

Property owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors and materialmen should contact the Orange County Construction Attorneys at Morris & Stone to schedule a no-cost telephone consultation regarding any legal matter.  Morris & Stone is Orange County's Premiere Construction Law Firm.

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